Kelly Brook and her Boobs (Part 4)


Part 4 of my Tribute to Kelly Brook. The final pic of my tribute. I told you this post would be epic.

I have one word to describe this picture. Cumshot.

That is all.


Olivia Wilde in Maxim


Well, she might not be terribly busty, but she is fucking SEXY. Plus, I love her on House.

Lindsay Lohan is Topless on Twitter


I’m a big fan of Lindsay Lohan’s tits. I wish we could actually see more of them in this picture, but who am I to complain. I love when celebs post pics like this on their Twitter, it is the only reason that I am a member of that social network.

Tila is Topless (Sorta)


Here is a pic of Tila Tequila completely topless. However, she chose to cover up her fun parts with hearts. Fuck my life. But oh well, this pic is still really fucking hott. And it really goes to show just how massive her boobs really are. Me likey.

My Own Personal Conquest


Just thought I would share with you all, this is the chick I managed to bang last night. Not like smoking hott or anything, but the TITS WERE SUPERB! And she let me take pictures, so she is pretty cool. And she sucked a good dick.